What are you using as "your one place to organize what needs to be done"? I get requests via slack, email, in meetings, etc and I would like to use something like Notion as a place to dump everything but haven't figured out the perfect system/process yet. As a follow up it would be cool to see a behind the scenes view of your system and how it works. Cheers and thanks for the post!

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Hey Luke,

I'd love to share my to do setup, but most of my to dos contain sensitive (even within Google) information related to the tasks and areas of my focus. For many years, I used Evernote using a setup similar to what's described here:


However, last year I switched to use Notion. The system translates over still with the categories I listed in this post. I have a database (as Notion calls them) that has several different tags (now, next, soon, later, waiting). I use this as my single inbox to collect things to do. In my email, I use it as a way to reply, take action, delete/archive, or move to my task list in Notion.

I started off with something similar to this default template:


I use a data base with a "List" view, with "Group" set to Status (so its sorted by now, next, etc). At any given time, I mostly look at the now, next, soon tags. Once a month or so I'll look at the later tags and waiting (which usually gets resolved without me looking back at) so see if I've missed anything or anything should be up higher. When tasks are done, I switch the status tag from "now" to "done" and it hides it off my to do list. The advantage of these tasks in notion is that each task is a page that I can capture notes, thoughts, bullets of sub-tasks within it, etc. When I write tasks for soon/later, I can also add notes to remind myself how I thought I'd approach this, why its important, what the first step would be, etc.

Hope this helps! I get nerdy about this stuff so let me know if you have any questions or what's worked for you.

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Nice thanks! I'll dig into this and follow up if I have any more questions. Thanks again!

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