Time management tips for thriving and surviving within a large, corporate environment with so many fun things to work on
How I've learned to embrace the feeling of imposter syndrome as a way to continue growing my career
Visibility means that folks are aware of the work you are doing and know your superpowers. When others have visibility into your work, it means that…
How reflection and planning can help you get ahead of what you want to accomplish this year
A thought piece on the future of work and life at the rise of LLM like chatGPT.
Watching announcement after announcement of layoffs across the tech sector over the last few weeks, one can't help but feel anxious about whether their…
Over the years, my understanding of how to use my manager has changed through different periods of my career. I was either expecting too much of my…
Sometimes you’ll hear the “pick your battles” feedback, not because you must choose which things to focus on, but because you express yourself too…
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